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Faculty of

Health Care and Science

  1. M. Sc in Human Development & Childhood Studies
  2. Diploma in Multipurpose Health Worker (DMPHW)
  3. Diploma in homeopathy pharmacy (DHP)
  4. Diploma in Ayurveda pharmacy (DAP)
  5. Diploma in veterinary pharmacy (DHP)
  6. Diploma Medical X-ray Technology (DMRT)
  7. Diploma Operation Theatre Technology (DOTT)
  8. Diploma in Medical laboratory technology (DMLT)
  9. Diploma in Hydraulics (DH)
  10. Diploma in Radiological Technology (DRT)
  11. Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistance (DOA)
  12. Diploma in sanitary inspector (DSI)
  13. Diploma in Dental mechanic and Hygienist ((DDMH)
  14. Diploma in Yoga and Natural Therapy (DYNT)
  15. Diploma in Operation Theater Technology (DOTT)
  16. Diploma in Cardio Vascular Technician (DCVT)
  17. Diploma in Hospital Assistance (DHA)
  18. Diploma in Medical Transcription (DMT)
  19. Diploma in Herbal Medicine (DHM)
  20. Diploma in Beauty cosmetology Health and wellness (DBCHW)
  21. Diploma in Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (DANM)
  22. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT)
  23. Diploma in Clinical Research (DCR)
  24. Diploma in General nurse midwifery (DGNM)
  25. Certificate in Medical Lab Technology (CMLT)
  26. Certificate in Clinical Research (CCR)

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